PTV Rail Summit

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

October 10 - 11, 2023

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We want to empower you to transform rail for the better. That’s why we love to inspire, challenge, and connect with Europe’s most important players in the rail industry and beyond. Be part of the PTV Rail Summit 2023 – a dedicated event on railway uniting decision-makers, planners and doers from all across Europe that form an alliance to expand the role of mobility on tracks.

Why you should not miss it for the world

United at the PTV Rail Summit

In the realm of railways, advocates and leaders from various domains unite with a common purpose: bringing the best mobility possible to people and goods nationally and across borders. This harmonious convergence forms the distinctive collaborative spirit that characterizes the Rail Summit 2023.

Spark a fire to generate a rail metamorphosis

Above all, this is the platform for the collective dissemination of indispensable insights: the acquired wisdom about effective strategies and challenges to catalyze transformative shifts in rail. Depart equipped with an essential understanding to expedite the process of metamorphosis within your rail network. Our international experts don’t just talk about visions, but show concrete approaches and actions, like modelling rail traffic across borders and scenarios to triple high-speed rail traffic by 2050 with a Metropolitan Network.

More than a vision. It's commitment!

Can rail mobility bring sustainability, accessibility and efficiency to mobility? Absolutely YES! How? By building synergies at the Rail Summit to jointly tackle the strategy and tactics to achieve the Green Deal - that's a deal.

The speakers

Dr. Marco Kampp
Deutsche Bahn Fernverkehr AG
Hannah Finnegan
UK Network Rail
Prof. Dr. Christoph Walther
PTV Group
Agata Skrocka
Centralny Port Komunikacyjny
David Cao
Dieter Michell-Auli
Deutsche Bahn E.C.O. Group
Dr. Mario Tartaglia
FS Italiane Group
Mats Verschuren
Wolfgang Scherr
Daniele Di Antonio
Daniele Mancuso
Jacek Zaremba
Centralny Port Komunikacyjny
Michał Miszewski
Centralny Port Komunikacyjny
Frank Spörl
DB Engineering & Consulting

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Agenda Day 1

01.00 pm - 02.00 pm

Reception & Flying Lunch

02.00 pm - 02.15 pm

Welcome Address

02.15 pm - 02.45pm

Keynote: "A Strong European Railway for an Ever-Closer Union"

Dr. Marco Kampp, Director International Long-distance Passenger Transport, DB Fernverkehr AG

02.45 pm - 03.45 pm

Session "The Green Deal"

  1. Dr. Mario Tartaglia, Head of FS Research Centre: FS Italiane Group
    FS Italiane Group at the Centre of a Sustainable and Integrated Mobility System

  2. Bruno Espinar, Head of Mobility 4.0 and Digital Innovation, RENFE: 
    Renfe-as-a-Service to Contribute to a Sustainable Railway Network

  3. Prof. Dr. Christoph Walther, Senior Director Global Research, PTV Group
    Rail Infrastructure Investment – the Socio-Economic Perspective

03.45 pm -
04.30 pm

Coffee Break

Rail exhibition: "Models meet decision makers"

04.30 pm - 05.15 pm

Panel Discussion: "Growing Europe together"

  1. Dr. Marco Kampp, DB Fernverkehr

  2. Dr. Mario Tartaglia, FS Italiane Group

  3. Bruno Espinar, RENFE

  4. Prof. Dr. Christoph Walther, PTV Research

05.45 pm -   
07.30 pm

Sightseeing tour with a historical train

Join us for a picturesque ride alongside the river Main

07.30 pm -   
10.00 pm

Dinner at "Cresco"



Agenda may be subject to change.

Agenda Day 2

08.30 am - 
09.00 am

Welcome Coffee 

09.00 am - 
09.15 am

Welcome Address

09.15 am - 
11.15 am

Session: "Railway Operations Excellence"

  1. Wolfgang Scherr, Owner and Principal Consultant, Moventes:  
    Planning of Effective Railway Services - International Cases

  2. Mats Verschuren, Transport Simulation Engineer, Hardt Hyperloop:  
    Modeling Tomorrow's Rails and Tubes

  3. Britta Skerat, Station Design + Heiner Hühnerbein, Head of Planning Architecture, DB Station & Service AG: 
    Improving the Customer Experience - Holistic and Customer-Oriented Infrastructure

  4. Hannah Finnegan, Senior Station Capacity Planner, UK Network Rail:  
    Station Capacity Assessments

11.15 am - 
11.45 am

Coffee Break

11.45 am -  
01.00 pm

Panel Discussion: "Next Generation Railway Infrastructure"

  1. David Cao, Lead Route Development, Hardt Hyperloop

  2. Dieter Michell-Auli,  VP Global Sales, Deutsche Bahn E.C.O. Group

  3. Hannah Finnegan, Senior Station Capacity Planner, UK Network Rail

01.00 pm - 02.00 pm


02.00 pm -   
04.00 pm

Session: "It's all about Rail"

  1. Michał Miszewski, Agata Skrocka, Jacek Zaremba, Centralny Port Komunikacyjny, Warsaw, Poland:  
    High Speed Rail in Poland – Passenger Transport Model role in the process of planning Mobility Hubs and Timetabling

  2. Frank Spoerl, Executive Director Internat. Engineering, DB Engineering & Consulting:  
    Linking People and Nations – Based on Examples of DB E.C.O. Group

  3. Prof. Miroslav Voznak, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, VSB-Technical University of Ostrava: 
    Atlas of Population Mobility in Czechia and its Use Case in Public Transport

  4. Daniele Di Antonio, Daniele Mancuso, Go-Mobility: Project Darwin - A cutting edge Data Lake to enhance the new Trenord paradigm for MaaC (Mobility as a Community) 


04.00 pm -   
05.00 pm
Networking with drinks


Agenda may be subject to change.


Junghofstrasse 16

60311 Frankfurt


Website: Spark

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Exhibitor Information

The conference is framed with an exhibition of partners who showcase their work and projects. Are you interested in becoming an exhibitor? Find all necessary information below:

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Sightseeing tour with a historical train

Discover Frankfurt from an unusual perspective: we take you on a ride with a historic locomotive. Our guide will make sure to not miss to point out to you the city's highlights while we are rolling. 


Evening reception at the Cresco

Cresco means »growing« and stands for shared enjoyment. Let's share wonderful moments with food and drinks in this special restaurant in Frankfurt.

Hotel recommendations

You are invited to use the allotment at two nearby hotels. Please submit the code PTV101023 when booking.


Ruby Louise

in very close proximity to the event location

"Lovely Room" for one person incl. breakfast: 192€


Motel One Frankfurt Römer

600m to the event location

in close vicinity to the evening venue

Single room 109€ + breakfast 15,90€

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