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Experience efficient public transport service planning with PTV Lines. Craft optimal solutions, analyze costs, and collaborate seamlessly. Join our early adopter community for a firsthand experience. 

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How does PTV Lines work?

Receive inquiries on network issues from various sources like operations, marketing, or citizens? Address them swiftly with PTV Lines: our digital workflow for network design and timetable planning. Craft scenarios, import supply, map ideas, and integrate GIS data effortlessly. Stay updated with instant changes to stop sequences.

Key Features

Service planning & evaluation

  • Upload your PT supply data in different formats or start from scratch
  • Create and compare numerous scenarios
  • See operation costs and public transport service KPIs immediately while changing your public transport service
  • Export of public transport supply scenarios in different formats e.g. GTFS

Background Data

  • Upload own spatial background data like population or points of interests
  • Visualize your data as a layer in addition to  your public transport service on the map and consider any changes based on it

Simple, powerful editing

  • Create lines, line routes, and stop points
  • Model different transport systems in your public transport supply scenario
  • Add or modify your line routes on the map, along the existing public transport network, streets,  or as straight lines
  • Benefit from automatic stop detection and stop sequence generation, which calculates distance and travel time of the lines

Web-based cloud application, no installation or updates required

  • Work in your web browser on any computer or laptop without installation
  • Always work with the latest release including up-to-date features

Collaborative working and intuitive usability

  • Invite other people and assign them different roles and rights
  • Design your public transport service collaboratively with others and share results with stakeholders
  • Start to work without expert knowledge in transport planning software or extensive training


What you can expect from upcoming releases

We are continuously expanding the scope of functionalities of PTV Lines. These features are on the roadmap:

  • Reachability to workplaces, schools, and any user’s background data within the catchment area of stops and lines.
  • Accessibility analysis (Isochrones)
  • Demand Analysis

Looking for something more advanced?

A more advanced transportation planning software that can help you with macroscopic simulations and macroscopic modelling of transportation networks and transportation demand, public transportation planning, and for the development of transportation strategies and solutions.

Learn more about PTV Visum

Use Case

Network design

Suppose you come across a construction site on your public transport route. With PTV Lines, you can easily reroute your line. Simply select the affected line on the map, upload the roadworks layer, and visualize it. Highlight the section that needs to be rerouted and choose whether to follow existing public transport lines or the road network. You may also need to adjust the running and dwell time of the automatically detected and calculated stop sequences.

Time table adjustments

To improve connections, increase ridership, or prevent overcrowding, timetable adjustments may be necessary. With PTV Lines, creating trips is made easy by defining the headway for specific time spans within user-defined valid days. The timetable and network design have a significant impact on the operational costs of your service. Export the best ideas or share them with colleagues to collaborate on making the best improvements to your service.

Why you should work with PTV Lines

Benfit icon
Reliable decisions based on facts

Understand the concrete effects of infrastructure changes before making decisions

PTV Visum Publisher Benefit: Collaborative editing and comments
Increase transparency through collaboration

Design public transport services together as a team and share results with stakeholders

Accelerate productivity and reduce errors

Sketch ideas quickly with a powerful and intuitive tool, streamline your workflow and boost productivity

Over 2,500 customers worldwide trust in PTV

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